Reinventing Health Care in Your Home

Have you ever gone to the doctor and regretted going because they just prescribed you some pills? I know I have! I became frustrated with how Kaiser would immediately prescribe me medications or antibiotics without always knowing the answer to my problems. They push the meds so much that I began to research more about alternative methods. I did this in order to figure out how could take care of my body without pumping it full of medications that I can’t even begin to pronounce! My mother was a homeopathic (using natural remedies to treat common ailments) queen when I was growing up, so I decided to investigate. It was then that I discovered DoTERRA’s Family Physician Kit. You might be thinking, “Oh great, another homeopathic hippie story.” However, before you discredit this, please humor me by reading on. I explained what essential oils are in my previous post here. The Family Physician Kit consists of 10 essential oils and blends (a combo of different oils for a specific purpose) that families need on a regular basis to take care of their family. There are many different ways these essential oils can help you, but I will be focusing on a five oils that can bolster your medicinal repertoire. Basically the concept is to replace the medications you might have at home, or have been prescribed, for a natural, safer, non-toxic, and cheaper alternative–essential oils.

Lavenderlavender stock photo

Lavender, the all-things calming essential oil has been studied countless times on its ability to help with sleep. I personally have chronic insomnia to the point that I was having memory loss. The doctor’s wanted to put me on meds, but thankfully, one doctor told me that I would eventually have to depend on the medication. Well, definitely not going that route! Instead, I use DoTERRA’s Lavender Essential oil on the arches of my feet, and dilute it into a pillow spray to help me sleep, and guess what? It works just like medication would, without the nasty side effects. Not only that, but Lavender essential oil is also used to calm anxiety and soothe emotions, soothe irritated skin and lips, and to help calm bee sting or bug bite reactions. You can find more information about this oil and how to use it by clicking on the product information guide here, and this outside source.

LemonLemon stock photo

Lemon essential oil has long been used to clean and freshen up the home. I’ve used this oil with honey to help soothe those pesky sore or dry throats, elevate my mood (especially on those mornings when I have to get up really early), and help fight infections of the digestive and reproductive system (because it has antioxidant and detoxifying properties). Lemon essential oil can also be diluted and used to clean around the home, which is a good alternative to the toxic cleaning supplies that can be dangerous to children and even adults. You can find more information about this oil and how to use by clicking on the product information guide here, and this outside source.


Peppermint essential oil has been a life saver for me! I was recently in a bad car accident and the medications the doctors were having me take were just not cutting it. Knowing that more or stronger meds is not the answer, I rubbed peppermint oil on my lower back and neck to help with the inflammation, and on my forehead to help with my headaches. The result was a cool, soothing sensation that helped bring down the inflammation and dial back my pain levels. Peppermint can also be used with lemon for a healthy alternative to regular mouth rinse (after heavily diluting it). When inhaled deeply, peppermint can also increase alertness, as well as help you find relief when you are overheating. You can find more information about this oil and how to use by clicking on the product information guide here, and this outside source.

Melaleucamelaleuca-alternifolia stock photo

Melaleuca essential oil sounds quite strange; however, you may know it as Tea Tree oil. Basically it is known as first aid for the skin. I’m not very familiar with all the benefits of this oil, but I’m curious to try it out because of the reports I’ve gotten from others. Diluted melaleuca is used to help cleanse your skin from blemishes and rashes, as well as, protect the skin from dangers in the environment by applying it to your feet and toenails. I know it better as being great for maintaining a healthy scalp and hair, and immediately recognized the common name from shampoos and conditioners at salons. You can find more information about this oil and how to use by clicking on the product information guide here, and also this link and this link to outside sources.


Oregano essential oil is commonly used for immune support and is an antioxidant. A few drops can be taken in a veggie capsule to help with immune support and GI health, as well as, diluted and applied to the bottoms of your feet as a natural defense to what you have been exposed to throughout the day. You can find more information about this oil and how to use by clicking on the product information guide here, and this outside source.

The Physicians Kit contains five more essential oils and blends which I will be discussing in my next post Reinventing Health Care in Your Home: Part 2, so be sure to follow my blog so you can be one of the first to know when it has been posted! If you have sensitive skin, you should consider diluting the essential oils mentioned. I dilute my oils mainly to make it last longer because you only need a tiny amount for it to be effective. Visit my website at for information about ordering oils, or click the titles of each essential oil. If you have any questions please leave a comment. Thank you all for your support and interest, I hope to post Part 2 of this topic up by sometime next week!

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