Why Should You Use Essential Oils?


By now you might be curious on why you should start using essential oils, which is a great question! There are a zillion different reasons but I dwindled it down to five different reasons why you should start using essential oils. Even if you aren’t interested in using essential oils, please keep on reading for some important information.


#1: Essential oils are cheaper than Traditional Medicines

You might be thinking “no way”, but it’s true! With my car accident, I had to spend a little over $300 in pain medications for a 6 week period when DoTERRA’s Deep Blue blend (valued at $42.67) replaced all those medications and will last me a considerably longer time (going on 2.5 months now!).


#2: Essential oils are safer and more effective than Traditional Medications

When you dry the herb, it loses its functionality, but essential oils are already in their most easily digested form, so it’s very impactful to our bodies. Essential oils are 70% more effect in its essential oil form than herb. I have conducted extensive research to make sure that the oils I sell actually do what they say. I have compiled over 25 hours of research onto my Scientific Research on Essential Oils page.

Antibiotics and things like hand sanitizers were formulated to kill the bad bacteria; however, since they can’t tell the difference between bad and good bacteria, these synthesized products kill every bacteria in sight like a plague. Unlike synthetic products, essential oils only treat the bad because that was their purpose when they were in plant form. So, the essential oils keep the good bacteria intact so you don’t get some of the different infections and major side effects/consequences like you would with an antibiotic or hand sanitizers. I’m not saying that medicines are evil, please keep in mind that there are some diseases that medicines are needed. There is collectively a ton of knowledge available if you should want to take charge of your life with natural alternatives to medicines, and my personal passion is to help others and inspire them to take control of their health.


#3: Essential Oils don’t have an Expiration Date like Medications

Medications are made of synthetic materials that slowly begin to not work anymore as time goes on. Have you ever been in dire need of a medication only to find out that it expired? When synthetic medications have expired, it can have horrible side effects. Of course you have to store essential oils right, but when you do store essential oils correctly, the shelf-life can extend over 10 years! Oils should be stored in a cool, dark place and make sure the lid is sealed tightly. A nice thing about that as well is you don’t have to deal with nasty side effects when you use essential oils. You can use Peppermint essential oil for a headache and get a better mood, and you can use Lavender to help you sleep. Since each oil lasts so long and it is processed naturally in the body, you don’t have to deal with the same things you would with traditional medicines.


#4: Essential oils have many different uses

For the sake of time, please check out my blog posts on Reinventing Healthcare in Your Home and Reinventing Healthcare in Your Home Part 2 for more detailed information. Those oils have been tremendously helpful to me and can be used for multiple purposes.

#5: The medicines in your cabinet originated from essential oils

My pharmacology professor explained that the drugs we have come to rely on originally came from natural sources… from Essential Oils. However, so many things are added to it that is is no longer considered pure. Synthetic oils don’t help the body, only therapeutic grade essential oils can which can be very expensive for manufacturers. Medically speaking, our bodies were not created to digest synthetic medicines so we don’t digest them properly. In the labs, they took the medicinal properties in the natural product and recreated it in a petri dish.

For most people, their medicine cabinet is cluttered (or very organized but still full) with many different drugs and medications that treat certain ailments; however, did you know that a few essential oils can replace most if not all the OTC products that are taking up space in your medicine cabinet? Well thankfully you can! You might be skeptical about all this and I don’t blame you because SO WAS I! Crazy right? When I was first to exposed to essential oils I bought the intro kit because I felt obligated to after the lady helped me out with my back pain with peppermint and deep blue after a race. Once I got home, I put it on a shelf and forgot about it until two months later, read my story here. Deep blue changed my life and helped me rediscover the way I can take control of my health for the better.

I know this is a lot of info, but here are some key points I would like you to remember: Every oil has multiple uses, every oil is CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade), and they are very concentrated! Only a tiny amount is necessary for great results. Some other key points include: their shelf life is lengthy (2-5 years for citrus oils, and usually over 10 for everything else if kept out of sunlight) and yes, even though they are not cheap, please consider all of the drugs and medications you buy for  ONLY ONE ailment. Essential oils have multiple healing qualities and they don’t just treat the symptoms, they heal the problem without any side effects.

If you’re interested in learning more or even ordering a few oils, check out my extensive research here and my store here.


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