Major Changes to the Blog!

Hello Readers and Visitors!

So DoTERRA changed their compliance guidelines which will impact me and this blog greatly. Dose of DoTERRA is getting a name change and a few other changes. However, change is good! I am using this opportunity to create a small logo to go with the new name (coming soon!) as well as growing the blog. I promise that even though this blog is going through an identity change, the amazing content will continue.

DoTERRA was concerned that some of their Wellness Advocates have been making irresponsible claims about their products and it attracted the attention of the FDA. In an effort to control their brand a little more, they hope to encourage Advocates to use their official DoTERRA websites. However, I like blogging about the benefits of essential oils so I will not be specifically promoting DoTERRA but rather the benefits of essential oils as a health alternative.

This doesn’t mean that I’m leaving DoTERRA oils; on the contrary, I still think they have the best products. But any official marketing has to be done through the proper channels and this blog is simply my outlet to talk and educate others about essential oils.


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